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Design & Build

(or procure & install

Our services do not include electrical, plumbing, or excavation. Clients may retain these services from other professionals. The photographs depicted on this website are for illustrative purposes only. 

"The rock doesn’t know what happens to the ripples in the pond"       J.P. Lynde

Our motto: Design, Build, Educate & Grow

Our mission: No Child Left Indoors!

Our mandate: All Abilities Included

  • Community Centers

  • Senior Care Centers

(Select your area of interest)
  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Private Homes

Let us help you customize your very own indoor/outdoor wonderland program with structures, workshops, lesson plans, training and maintenance. Thoughtful support, especially recommended for the first year, will ensure your initiative grows succesfully & continues on independently for years to come.


Sprout by Design offers an array of services, including but not limited to:
Outdoor Gardens 
  • Garden Beds (Including: standard raised, wheelchair accesible, tactile designs for the visual impaired) 

  • Bucket Gardens

  • Garden Plans

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Education

    • Understanding our Food Source

    • Healthy Eating

    • STEM lessons

Indoor Gardens: Year Round Growing

Our specialty is working with clients in urban settings that have little to no obvious green space. We grow in classrooms, vacant lots, school parking lots, rooftops, indoor and outdoor walls and alleyways. Any underutilized space can be reclaimed, repurposed and converted into a green oasis. Experience has taught us to be crafty. Let us help you find a solution by re-framing your urban space!




Year round growing



  • Kit

  • Glass

  • Poly film

  • Poly carbonate

  • Custom

    • Reclaimed wood

    • Hybrid of kit and wood

Interior can be:

  • Science Lab

  • Outdoor Classroom

  • Grow Space

    • Hydroponic

    • Aquaponic

    • Conventional


Aquaponics is a closed-loop, sustainable farming system that combines traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) with hydroponics (growing plants without soil)

  • Fish produce ammonia-rich waste

  • Beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into nitrates

  • Nitrates can ultimately be toxic to your fish but fortunately, they are amazing food for plants! As the plants continuously uptake nitrates as the nutrients they need to grow, they are also cleaning the water for your fish

Windowfarms (Bioponics)

From WindowFarms

  • Windowfarms are vertical, bioponic garden systems designed to help you grow food indoors

  • Windowfarms help you grow some of the freshest, most flavorful food you’ll ever taste with very little power, very little water, and the natural light in your windows

  • Windowfarms are for "Cut & Come Again" harvesting instead of killing a whole plant and condemning it to the fridge. 

  • Bioponics combine the advantages of hydroponic liquid nutrient feeding with organic or sustainable natural inputs and root system ecology

Green Walls
  • Turn any wall into a growing space or a beautiful green oasis 

  • Add year round beauty to the entire space

  • Surround the school and students in green goodness while purifying the air

Bottle Gardens 
  • Bottle-Gardens turn any windowsill into a science lab

  • In-class garden can last up to an entire school year!

  • Students repurpose and transform plastic soda bottles (formerly full of high fructose corn syrup) into healthy, self-irrigating, windowsill gardens

  • Key STEM lessons from the Common Core Standards with garden-based learning techniques

    • Understanding our food sources, Whole foods vs processed foods, Grass-fed vs corn-fed, Fresh, local, pesticide-free produce

    • Plant life-cycle, capillary action, 

    • Counting, percentages, growth rate

    • Recycling, repurposing

​​​Chicken Coops
  • Science

    • Life Cycle

    • Incubation

    • Egg Hatching

    • Birth

  • Understanding and Appreciating our Food Source

  • Live Land Tillers

  • Responsibility and Care for a Life

  • Therapeutic Effect of Animals

Soundplay Outdoor Music Instruments
  • Outdoor Installation of Tuned Musical Instruments

  • Built to Stand up to the Weather

  • Designed for the Durability a Playground Setting Requires

Fitness Forts & Observatories
  • Fitness Forts

    • Physical Education & Health

    • Pedometers for Each Student

      • Jawbone UP pedometers: explain how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices

      • Delivers insights, celebrates milestones & challenges students to make each day better

      • Math: Tracking Footsteps by Week/Month/Year

      • Graphing & Calculating Tracked Data

      • Incentives for Most Steps Taken

  • Observatories (Platform on top of Fort)

    • Species Identification Workshops: Birds, Insects, Butterflies

    • Astronomy Workshops

Green Walls, Fences & Tunnels
  • Turn any wall or fence into a green oasis 

  • Add year round beauty and a continuity to the entire outdoor space

  • Surround the school and students in green goodness

  • Education

    • Attract Butterflies, Bees, Birds for observation

    • Write poetry amidst the inspiring, natural beauty of your green oasis

Educational Playgrounds
  • A few dots of Paint Turn Mundane Schoolyard Asphalt into Exciting, Educational Playground

  • Based on an Award-­winning Design using Tires for Elementary Learning in Uganda, now Built in over 27 Locations in 10 Countries

  • Over 40 Open-­Source (free) Educational Games Available that Incorporate Math, Art, Geometry, History, Science and more

Outdoor Classroom Elements
  • Turn your yard into an inspiring outdoor classroom 

    • Shade structures

    • Seating

    • Black/Whiteboards

Fun & Educational Playground Elements
  • Sandbox 

    • Paleontology

    • Archeology

      • Fossils

      • Dinosaur bones

      • Carbon dating

    • Math & board games

    • Just plain old-fashioned fun

With your project and needs, we will find the best way to make it happen

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