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Don't have a green space?

SBD works inside classrooms, nearby abandoned lots, on roofs, in community gardens, in parks and school parking lots. Experience has taught us to be crafty. Let us help you find a solution. 


Even a small budget can make a profound impact. A program can be as simple & inexpensive as a workshop where students use old soda bottles to create their own mini gardens on the class windowsill. Or as comprehensive as the design and build of a year round greenhouse where students actually sell the crop they grow to local restaurants, learning all aspects of business.


We work with passionate educators and parents, non-profits, grants, private funding, PTAs, PTOs and grassroots initiatives like bake sales. 


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Clients in NYC include: 

- Growing up Green (Queens)

- PS/MS 282 (Brooklyn)

- Discovery High School (Bronx)

- PS 175 (Manhattan) 

- PS 107 (Brooklyn) and more

Educators!  How would you like to spend a beautiful day at your school teaching classes in an inspiring schoolgarden or greenhouse? A vibrant and engaging outdoor classroom, filled with wonder where students actually initiate investigation!


Sprout by Design is a one stop shop that builds Outdoor Educational Wonderlands, including greenhouses, school gardens, educational playgrounds, forts and chicken coops. You dream it, we built it! We pair these outdoor classrooms with hands-on workshops and lesson plans, that apply the principles of the Common Core Standards. Our garden-based learning programs use nature as a practical tool to teach students Math and Science. We also apply Vocabulary, Geography, Social Studies, as well as broader concepts like understanding the food source, healthy eating, environmental responsibility & the green economy.

* Sprout's contribution to each project

Growing Up Green Garden

Where Learning Blossoms 

We recently built a greenhouse / outdoor classroom for this true inspiration for NYC schools: even without a single square foot of green space, they have created a school garden that includes a greenhouse, raised beds, several composting systems and a chicken coop! They have already harvested many pounds of vegetables and herbs, and we have helped the school integrate this beautiful and  school garden into everyday education, by articulating and formalizing the garden education initiative for all teachers, students, and parents leading the Growing Up Green garden to the next level.


Battery Urban Farm

The Battery Urban Farm is a one acre educational farm, located in the historic Battery, the 25 acre park at the tip of Manhattan. Our turkey-shaped farm is home to over 80 varieties of organically-grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, and companion plants.​

To bring a class, sign up for Enrichment Visits, a great introduction to the farm for new or visiting groups:



Learning Landscape

Design of an open-source scalable grid-based playground for elementary education, designed with Project H Design. Finalist of INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award, featured in Cooper-Hewitt, Axis Gallery and Magazine Tokyo, ID Magazine. As of March 31, 2012 there are

   27 Learning Landscapes worldwide, in

  10 different countries, with an estimated      4100 students playing & learning on them​


Green Bronx Machine​
A nonprofit with goal of “Growing Our Way Into A New Economy”. Training and mentoring high-risk Bronx Youth to become leaders in the green economy: certified to build green walls and green roofs, able to build hydroponic greenhouses, able to teach elementary school students how to grow food, with a lot of theoretical knowledge in addition to practical.


PS 282 Brooklyn, NY​

Grades PK - 8th grade. Designed and executed educational gardening workshops (connected to math, science, writing, social studies) to 725 children & 80 adults (teachers, student teachers, and parents) in 2012, and 600 children & 60 adults (teachers, student teachers, and parents) in 2011.

Thanks to all the amazing parents and teachers. Special thanks to Anita, Emma, Anna & Dan, Rohana & kids, Ms Larkins and Ms Collins.

Click here for the PTA Green Zone website


Hydroponic Greenhouse at PS175 in Harlem

The design & build of a hydroponic greenhouse for a public school in Harlem New York. Design & direction of garden-based learning workshops: applying math, science, even language and arts in a setting where kids can learn where their food comes from, where students learn experientially. Concepts such as how to grow, harvest and prepare leafy greens and herbs and better choices are developed. Thanks to Green Bronx Machine, Garden State Urban Farms, Ellenberger Services, Rimol Greenhouses and American Hydroponics - especially Eric, you are amazing!


PS 107 Brooklyn, NY​
Grades PK - 5th grade. Educational gardening workshops to 600 children & 20 adults (teachers, student teachers, and parents) in 2010 and 2011, and in 2011 I designed and directed an 8 week Professional Development training program for 12 teachers (K-2nd), focused on introducing ways to integrate the garden in the daily curriculum and help teachers create their own techniques. Students planted veggies with Michelle Obama. School garden is featured in Michelle Obama’s American Grown.


Discovery High School

Bronx​, New York

Grades 9-12. Designed and directed 8-week intensive gardening learning program for 40 middle and high school students. Students visited the White House.

Including: making sundials.


Blenchi Skol
Special Education School in Curacao. In addition to conventional classroom teaching, Blenchi School, a special education school in Curacao, educates through music, art and physical education. We are working on connecting the classroom to the garden, teaching about health, biology, math, entrepreneurship and sustainability.


Art Garden at Frederick Douglass Academy V

Bronx NY. Grades 6-8. Educational gardening workshops to 90 students, working with the art-teacher to introduce the garden as daily inspiration.

I designed and directed lectures and workshops including garden design and an introduction to plants and its biology


Mini Farm at Red Rooster​​ office in Harlem

The design and build of a custom planter. Using salvaged NYC scaffolding wood, this mini farm had a very little small carbon footprint to make, and in no time, the farm will have 'scrubbed the air' and have taken as much CO2 out of the air as it took to build, while growing delicious veggies and herbs for all at the office to enjoy. Lunch was never better! 


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