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Outdoor Educational Wonderlands

"The rock doesn’t know what happens to the ripples in the pond"       J.P. Lynde

Our motto: Design, Build, Educate & Grow

Our mission: No Child Left Indoors!

Our mandate: All Abilities Included

Who We Are

We are passionate designers, educators and builders - women on a mission, using every tool in our belt to affect change!

Who We Service

Schools, special needs organizations, community centers, senior care facilities, rehabilitation centers and private homes.

Design & Build

We design and build Outdoor Educational Wonderlands including: gardens, greenhouses, green roofs & walls, fitness forts, educational playgrounds, chicken coops, observatories and so much more.



We use 'universal design' to create environments inclusive of all abilities that are vibrant, engaging, fun, therapeutic, healthy and educational.

Educate & Grow

A traditional build company will leave you with only a structure. To maximize impact we pair our structures with professional development, lesson plans, garden plans and student workshops. 


We use garden-based learning techniques to teach the Common Core standards (STEM, social studies, language, arts) and broader concepts like understanding our food sources, healthy eating, environmental stewardship and  preparation for jobs in the new green economy.

No Green Space?

We work in classrooms, vacant lots, school parking lots, rooftops and in nearby community gardens. Experience has taught us to be crafty. Let us help you find a solution. 


Even a small budget can make a profound impact. A program can be as simple & inexpensive as a workshop where participants use old soda bottles to create mini windowsill garden. Or as comprehensive as the design and build of a year round greenhouse.


We work with passionate educators and parents, non-profits, grants, private funding, PTAs, PTOs and grassroots initiatives like bake sales. 

  • Understanding our Food Sources

  • Healthy Eating

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Key STEM Lessons

  • Green Job Readiness

  • Promoting Health

  • Preventing Disease

  • Therapeutic

Three steps to transform your space into an Outdoor Educational Wonderland

(Similar steps apply to all client types)

  • ​Set up an on-site visit with Ilona to:

    • Discuss your goals

    • Evaluate areas of desired impact (math, health, behavior, art)

    • Assess the space & take measurements

  • Analyze DOE, DOB and other requirements

  • Pick from our imaginative list of wonderland possibilities including structures and workshops. Or dream up your own idea and let us build it!

  • We will process your wishlist into a rendered design consisting of various components.  

  • Optional to build all at once or to stagger in phases

Step 1: Design

Garden Mazes

Fitness Forts

Green Fences


Green Walls

Garden Beds


Chicken Coops

Compost Systems

Educational Playgrounds

Interactive Musical Instruments

Step 2: Build

  • We are fully insured, licensed & bonded contractors

  • NOTE: If you wish to prepare your participants for jobs in the green economy, we are happy to integrate them into the entire design & build process

  • Participants learn to:

    • Navigate the DOE/DOB permit process - where apliciable.

    • Interface with design & structural engineers, electricians, architects etc

    • Become forewomen/men

    • Design & Build, Use Tools

    • Problem solve, Take measurements and use math

    • Discover challenging, fun, meaningful work

Step 3: Educate & Grow

Once the foundation is laid and the exterior is up, it's time to cultivate the interior. 

  • Variety of growing techniques (Conventional, Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponic, etc)

  • Student Workshops

  • Professional Development

  • Garden-based lesson plans

  • Curriculum integration

  • Garden map & planting schedule for each teacher

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