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Leslie Dweck


Leslie Dweck, co-founder of Sprout By Design, is chief dreamer, chief cultivator and chief fastener of all operational nuts and bolts. Though Leslie is deeply bio-phobic (biography not biology), we are able to tell you that her deep spiritual tool belt and heart of gold inform the entire philosophy and modus of the company. 


If you run into LD at a job-site, she will most certainly NOT be wielding a screwdriver or a wrench. She will be rocking headphones and carrying a tool belt stuffed to the brim with a freshly cooked brisket (and a pack of forks) as she tries lovingly to feed every mouth she runs into.


Especially fascinating, Leslie leads a wicked double life in the music business working with greats like DMC, Sarah Mclachlan, Trevor Horn, Diane Warren, Jason Mraz and many more...


Leslie's strong personal commitment to a Judaic concept called Tikun Olam (which suggests humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world) has become an integral part of the philosophy at Sprout By Design. Leslie's creativity, passion and natural business acumen make her one dynamic, effective, mission oriented mama.


When Leslie isn’t recording an album or sprouting by design with children, special needs organizations and the elderly, you will find her in Harlem welcoming as many people as possible to her legendary Shabbat dinners.


Contact Leslie here.

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