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Our services do not include electrical, plumbing, or excavation. Clients may retain these services from other professionals. The photographs depicted on this website are for illustrative purposes only. 

"The rock doesn’t know what happens to the ripples in the pond"       J.P. Lynde

Our motto: Design, Build, Educate & Grow

Our mission: No Child Left Indoors!

Our mandate: All Abilities Included

  • Community Centers

  • Senior Care Centers

(Select your area of interest)
  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Private Homes

Let us help you customize your very own indoor/outdoor wonderland program with structures, workshops, lesson plans, training and maintenance. Thoughtful support, especially recommended for the first year, will ensure your initiative grows successully & continues on independently for years to come.

Sprout by Design offers an array of maintenance packages, including:


Wonderland Maintenance 
  • Make sure all systems are working well (irrigation, green walls, aquafarms, windowfarms, pumps, timers, lights etc)

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues

  • Ensure plants are being tended to and growing

  • Monitor supply levels

  • Field any questions from your staff

With your project and needs, we will find the best way to make it happen

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