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Our services do not include electrical, plumbing, or excavation. Clients may retain these services from other professionals. The photographs depicted on this website are for illustrative purposes only. 

"The rock doesn’t know what happens to the ripples in the pond"       J.P. Lynde

"The Christopher" in New York, NY
  • Rooftop garden build & programming for this beautiful Breaking Ground building

  • Vegetable garden design and build

  • Maintenance and garden programming

  • Workshops for staff and residents

Horizon Juvenile Detention Center: Metamorphosis Program in The Bronx, NY
  • Urban Farm Design & Build

  • Yearlong Metamorphosis program

  • Staff Training 

  • Farm includes:

    • garden rows with vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit

    • hydroponic garden

    • fruit tree orchard

    • chicken coop

    • worms & composters

    • staff garden

    • aquaponics

The "Hegeman" in Brownsville, Brooklyn


  • Community garden build & program for this beautiful Breaking Ground building

  • Hundreds of residents, neighbors and community members visited the Hegeman for open garden  hours and healthy snacks in the garden

  • Crops grown include bitter melon, okra, watermelon, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, scallions, beans, big thyme, eggplant, and a variety of Caribbean herbs

Garden build for the Brooklyn Public Library


It was our honor to build a wheelchair accessible garden for The Child's Place for Children with Special Needs at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Partnership: NYRP, Marcus Samuelsson Group, and Sprout by Design


Sprout by Design is helping the gardens at Rodale Pleasant Park Community Garden, part of NYRP, grow food for Marcus Samuelsson's restaurant Streetbird in Harlem, NYC. 

Garden build for American Dairy Association and Dairy Council for PS3, Staten Island.


Raised garden beds for  The Margaret Gioiosa Pleasant Plains School in Staten Island. 

Community garden build and programming for Breaking Ground in Brownsville, Brooklyn


  • Raised garden beds

  • Wheelchair accessible garden beds

  • 400sf platform deck  

  • Garden mounds

  • Irrigation system

  • Garden maintenance

  • Community garden workshops

Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center: Aquaponics Program


Horizon Juvenile Detention Center: Farm-to-Table Entrepreneurship Program 
Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center: Urban Farming Apprenticeship 
Ryer Juvenile Detention Center: Farm-to-Table Entrepreneurship Program
Urban Farming Adventure at YAI Special Needs Preschools #YAISprouts #YAIGardens


An Educational Program Tailored to the Exceptional Individuals Supported by YAI, implemented by Sprout.


Sprout by Design has developed an Urban Farming Adventure curriculum, covering: live chicken hatching, worms & composting, healthy bottle gardening, butterfly hatching and aquaponics. 


More pictures on our Facebook page. 

Whole Foods Market 5% Day recipients: YAI + Sprout by Design 


An Educational Program Tailored to the Exceptional Individuals Supported by YAI, implemented by Sprout.


On Wednesday, Sept. 17, YAI in partnership with Sprout by Design, will receive 5 percent of the day’s net sales at seven Whole Foods Market stores in Manhattan. Sprout by Design is developing a multi-faceted, garden-based educational program for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages in schools, homes and the workplaces. This custom program for YAI will focus on professional development, green job training, a customized curriculum and workshops including, live chicken hatching, hydroponic window farming, healthy bottle gardening, butterfly hatching and aquafarms.

Jacob A Riis Academy, Settlement Houses & Community Center 


 6 month after school program 

 6 week summer program


4 facilities

Students grades K-12

STEM Workshops:

  • Hydroponics

  • Healthy Bottle Gardening

  • Conductivity using MaKey Makey

  • Live Chicken Egg Hatching: a 21 day observation

  • Butterfly Hatching

  • Build of Chicken Coop

Professional Development

Curriculum Design

YAI: Living, Loving, Growing 


Garden build and gardening workshops for a special needs residence


Design & Build:

  • Garden beds 

  • Butterfly walls 

  • Arbor 


Support, Eduate & Grow:

  • Staff training

  • Garden Plans & Activities

  • Planting workshops

  • Maintenance

Greenhouse build at Harlem Renaissance High School 


This is no ordinary school. This school now has a state of the art studio and greenhouse! We were so lucky to be chosen to build their greenhouse and we have truly enjoyed it.


A team of mostly women built this greenhouse so that the Green Team can grow things year round! 


Greenhouse for Growing Up Green Charter School

We built an Outdoor Educational Wonderland for Growing up Green Charter School. This school is a true inspiration. Even without a single square foot of green space, they created a compete Wonderland in their school parking lot that includes: a greenhouse (used as a Learning Lab), raised garden beds, several composting systems and a chicken coop! They have already harvested many pounds of vegetables and herbs. Sprout has helped GUGCS integrate garden based learning into everyday education. We've helped to articulate and formalize the garden education initiative for all teachers, students and parents.

Hydroponic Greenhouse at PS175 in Harlem

Outdoor Educational Wonderland & Workshops


Designed & built a hydroponic greenhouse for a public school in Harlem New York in a nearby vacant lot. Designed & directed garden-based learning workshops: applying Math, Science, Language and Art. Workshops given in a garden setting where students could learn first-hand where their food comes from and how to make healthier food choices.


Thanks to Green Bronx Machine, Garden State Urban Farms, Ellenberger Services, Rimol Greenhouses and American Hydroponics - especially Eric, you are  all amazing! 

Green Bronx Machine​

Indoor Educational Wonderland


A nonprofit whose motto is “Growing Our Way Into A New Economy”. Trained and mentored high-risk Bronx Youth to become ready for jobs in the new green economy. Green Bronx Students became certified to build green walls, green roofs, hydroponic greenhouses and at the end of the program were able to teach elementary school students how to grow food.

Many thanks to Steve Ritz


TED Talk

PS 282, Brooklyn, NY



Designed and executed Garden Based Learning workshops (Math, Science, Writing, Social Studies) for Grades PK - 8th.


In 2014: Workshops given to 300 children & 20 adults. In 2013: Workshops given to 725 children & 80 adults (teachers, student teachers, and parents). In 2012: Workshops given to 725 children & 80 adults. In 2011: Workshops given to 600 children & 60 adults.

Thanks to all the amazing parents and teachers. Special thanks to Anita, Emma, Anna & Dan, Rohana & kids, Ms Larkins and Ms Collins.

A great video

Yelp Review

PS 107 Brooklyn, NY​​



2013 Citywide Winner ($10,000!!) of the DSNY Golden Apple Awards TrashMasters! Team Up to Clean Up! 


Gardenbased learning workshops grades PK - 5th. Over multiple years, workshops were given to over 1200 students & 40 adults. We designed and directed an 8 week Professional Development training program for 12 teachers (K-2nd), focused on integrating the garden in the daily curriculum and help teachers create their own techniques. The program was so popular, students were asked to plant veggies with Michelle Obama at the White House and were featured in her book American Grown.

Discovery High School

Indoor and Outdoor Educational Wonderland & Workshops



Grades 9-12. Designed and directed 8-week intensive gardening learning program for 40 middle and high school students in Bronx, NYC. Students visited the White House.

Including: making sundials.


Art Garden at Frederick Douglass Academy V

Outdoor Educational Wonderland & Workshops


Bronx NY. Grades 6-8. Designed & built self-irrigating bucket garden. Gave workshops to 90 students, working with the art-teacher to introduce the garden as daily inspiration.

Designed and directed lectures and workshops including garden design and an introduction to the biology of plants.

Mini Farm at Red Rooster​​ office in Harlem

The design and build of a custom planter. Using salvaged NYC scaffolding wood, this mini farm had a very little small carbon footprint to make, and in no time, the farm will have 'scrubbed the air' and have taken as much CO2 out of the air as it took to build, while growing delicious veggies and herbs for all at the office to enjoy. Lunch was never better! 


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