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Sprout by Design is a NYC based, certified women & minority-owned company whose mission is to "Design, Build, Educate, Grow." Co-founders Ilona de Jongh and Leslie Dweck work with an eye towards health, sustainability, social, environmental, and economic impact. We are committed to the Judaic concept called Tikun Olam; humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world.


Sprout by Design builds urban farms, gardens, greenhouses, green walls, green fences, composting systems, chicken coops, and educational playgrounds for individuals of all ages and abilities. We pair these build structures with fun, hands-on workshops and curricula that use nature as a practical tool to teach design-build principles, STEM standards, and broader concepts like problem-solving, healthy eating, environmental stewardship, and job training for opportunities in the emerging green economy. In addition to having great educational and economic impact, these workshops & activities also have calming, developmental, and therapeutic benefits.


Sprout by Design also provides programming and maintenance for existing gardens, helps community gardeners sell their produce to local restaurants, and leads urban farming workshops for students of all ages (preschool - seniors). Topics include gardening, hydroponics, composting, farm-to-table entrepreneurship, and chicken hatching. Finally, Sprout offers staff training, professional development, and family engagement activities for each program we create.


We service schools, community centers, houses of worship, detention centers, local restaurants, community gardens, rehabilitation centers, special needs organizations, and elder care residences.


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