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Our services do not include electrical, plumbing, or excavation. Clients may retain these services from other professionals. The photographs depicted on this website are for illustrative purposes only. 



"The rock doesn’t know what happens to the ripples in the pond"       J.P. Lynde

Our motto: Design, Build, Educate & Grow

Our mission: No Child Left Indoors!

Our mandate: All Abilities Included

  • Community Centers

  • Senior Care Centers

(Select your area of interest)
  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Private Homes

Let us help you customize your very own indoor/outdoor wonderland program with structures, workshops, lesson plans, training and maintenance. Thoughtful support, especially recommended for the first year, will ensure your initiative grows succesfully & continues on independently for years to come.


Sprout by Design offers an array of workshops, including but not limited to:
Bottle Gardening for Healthy Living
  • Bottle-Gardens turn any windowsill into a science lab

  • In-class garden can last up to an entire school year!

  • Workshop given with an eye towards promoting health & preventing disease

  • Students repurpose and transform plastic soda bottles (formerly full of high fructose corn syrup) into healthy, self-irrigating, windowsill gardens

  • Workshop blends key STEM lessons from the Common Core Standards with garden-based learning techniques

  • Topics Include

    • Understanding our food sources, Whole foods vs processed foods, Grass-fed vs corn-fed, Fresh, local, pesticide-free produce

    • Plant life-cycle, capillary action, 

    • Counting, percentages, growth rate

    • Recycling, repurposing

Chickens & Egg Hatching 
  • Science

    • Life Cycle

    • Incubation: 21 day observation

    • Egg Hatching

    • Birth

  • Understanding and appreciating our food source

  • Live land tillers

  • Responsibility and care for a life

  • Therapeutic effect of animals

Hydroponics & Aquaponics
  • Growing Food 

  • Assembly of system (Design, Build & Plumbing)

  • Applied Science, Learn all about

    • pH and how to bring it up/down

    • Nutrient levels and Conductivity

  • Experiments & Problem Solving

    • Light variations

    • Nutrient variations

  • Aquaponics: Learn about a fully sustainable lifecylce, how fish can feed plants & plants can clean the water for the fish

Planting 101, Outdoor & Indoor

Planting fundamentals & Care


  • Bulbs in the fall

  • Direct sowing in the spring / winter

  • Transplanting in the summer

  • Harvesting


  • Window farms

  • Green walls

  • Self Irrigating Soda Bottle Gardens

Fun w Conductivity using MaKey MaKey
  • Use alligator clips & Makey Makey to turn

    • Spoons into video game controllers

    • Stairs into piano keys

    • Students into a human beat-box machine

  • Learn about

    • Conductors, cemi-conductors and insulators

    • Electric current

    • Circuits & circuit board 101

    • Design: Develop your own video game controller

  • Windowfarms are vertical, bioponic garden systems designed to grow food indoors, using minimal space

  • Bioponics is based on hydroponics, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil

  • Students learn:

    • Complex assembly, pumps, timers, pH balance, micro climate, basics of plumbing

    • Food growing technique that produces the best possible nutrional and taste value for humans, with the lowest use of natural resources

    • Applied Science:

      • pH and how to bring it up/down

      • Nutrient levels and Conductivity

    • Experiments & Problem Solving

      • Light variations

      • Nutrient variations

    • Team work

Design & Build Greenhouse with Students
  • Prepare students to seek future employment in the emerging green economy.

  • A series of instructional workshops and hands-on build days that teach students to:

    • Design & build

    • Interface with design & structural engineers, electricians, architects etc

    • Use tools & develop carpentry skills

    • Problem solve, take measurements and apply math

    • Learn about plumbing, electricity, solar power, irrigation

    • Navigate the DOE/DOB permit process

  • Learn to farm in an urban greenhouse

  • Establish a partnership with a local grocery or restaurant to purchase (some of) the produce

  • Learn aspects of the farm-to-table industry

  • Discover challenging, fun, meaningful work

Super Bugs and Creepy Crawlers
  • Living Environment 

    • Eco systems & energy pyramid 

      • Producers: plants

      • Consumers: bees, butterflies and aphids

      • Decomposers: earth worms

  • Hero Bugs

    • Pollinators (bees & butterflies) & pollination

    • Earth worms & composting

    • Lady bugs 

  • Interesting facts

    • Source of protein

    • Culinary delight around the world

With your project and needs, we will find the best way to make it happen

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